The Legend of King Arthur - graphic designs

Brenda van vugt project title

The title art using the sigil I designed for King Arthur inspired by fantasy game titles.

Brenda van vugt project title transparent black

abstract version of the title art to overlay works. Also in white, transparent.

Brenda van vugt king arthur banner

the dragons represent the Pendragon family in the form of an infinity logo (sort of) to represent the Once and Future King over the three kingdoms(crowns) and with excalibur in hand(the sword).

Brenda van vugt banner design

The shield shape is both a hint to traditional sigils and to show Arthur will be the guardian of the realms. Colors yellow and (azure) blue like Arthur's original sigil

A sigil design and title art design I did for the Legend of King Arthur challenge on artstation.

The sigil was a requirement, but the title art was for fun.

check out the contest entry here: