The lake of Ice - Saving Lancelot

Brenda van vugt scene king arthur

'I'm sure he'll be alright.. right?' Galahad looked at Percival with worry in his eyes. 'Galahad..' Percival responded.. 'If your father is good at one thing it's getting himself into trouble, but he always manages to get out'.

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progress. I wanted a northern light sky so I started with a basic gradient and with vivid light I added some blobs that I motion blurred to get an aurora.

Brenda van vugt depth of spec ofzo

quick roughness texture

Brenda van vugt melted ice texture

quick texture

Brenda van vugt screenshot 2

unity blockout for the scene

Made this scene for the Legend of King Arthur challenge on artstation.

Lancelot went ahead at their journey, and thought he could face the ice queen alone. Now Arthur, Galahad and Percival need to go and save him. However, to get to the castle they must cross thin ice. Luckaly Arthur gets the help of blessed rose petals that will safely guide them over the icelake. I imagined this moment as some kind of cinematic cutscene in a game.

first I set up a unity scene with a weird castle blockout, unity terrain, some DAZ figures and a quick ice texture on some planes stuck_out_tongue it is really handy to be able to play with camera and lighting before starting, but I wasn't able to get a good shot so I combined a few lighting conditions.

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