Ships of Battle: Wargames UI

Brenda van vugt research center ui concept 1f

Research center UI concept. Player level determined unlockable skills among other things.

Brenda van vugt menuwargames

Base building UI concept.
Presentation photo of phone by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash.

Brenda van vugt aa2ec7802ad3068c01cbe384a4cb1733 jpg

Deck builder UI concept. Icons made by my colleague Anneke Mikkers. Cards are a collaboration between me and my colleague Ruben Schreuder.

Brenda van vugt shipyard upgrades wip ui concept

Concept of the battleship customization screen. Background is a placeholder (obviously, from LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures)

Brenda van vugt faction selection screen concept ui

UI concept for the faction selection screen. Faction leader character illustrations done by Anneke Mikkers.

Brenda van vugt iapshop ui concept b

UI concept of the IAP shop.

Brenda van vugt e602001527208b40066c54233c35190b png

screenshot of a mission screen working in game

Brenda van vugt logowork

Launch icon, title logo and faction logos I designed.

Here are some concepts of UI from the game Ships of Battle: Wargames. Most of them I implemented in the game using Unity. Too bad the game was not released.

Most of the icons in the UI concepts were placeholder. Got these screens responsive in unity using the GUI system.

website of Anneke Mikkers:

Ruben Schreuder: