Sheren Wu 吴雪莲 - character design

Brenda van vugt illustration signed

presentation with rendered portrait and top3 outfit picks.

Brenda van vugt outfits

different outfits designed with different things in mind. casual/formal, fashionable/unique, protecting her eyes and skin in some cases.

Brenda van vugt sketchfaces

Tried different faces for exploration of her character, rendered out the top 2 picks

Brenda van vugt sketchoutfits

first sketches with different outfits.

Brenda van vugt final1

This would be her formal daily wear. The shades protect her sensitive eyes from the light.

Brenda van vugt final2

Fashion wear for shoots or going out. Inside/at night or when wearing tinted contacts she doesn't need shades.

Brenda van vugt final3

Daily casual wear. This would be too 'open' for a bright sunny day because of her sensitive skin, so probably a late afternoon outfit.

Brenda van vugt illustration signed empty

background version

Sheren Wu 吴雪莲

Villain entry for the M.Night Shyamalan Hero vs Villains 'Glass' contest on deviantart that ended april 8th.

She had damaged her eyes in early life due to overexposure to sunlight but in her recovery developed enhanced eyesight, especially in low-light environments. Full story on DA:

My idea was to make a character unique in her own way, but ‘contemporary’ enough to fit the world of ‘Glass’. Her power is not over-the-top but rather subtle and she makes use of her many other advantages in her quest. A tattoo on her wrist ' 夜长梦多。 ' meaning ' Lots of dreams can occur over a long night' depicts her favourite saying in which she remembers the moment she developed her skills and her life began to change.

Making a fashion model character allowed me to have a lot of fun with outfits (I designed many more!) and my personal challenge was to make an interesting contemporary character that would fit a movie.