Brenda van vugt zariarender
Brenda van vugt czaria 1

First thumbnails for Zaria's design

Brenda van vugt czaria 2

A lottt of color variation tests for Zaria!

Brenda van vugt czaria 4

Pose exploration of Zaria's early character design

Made this character artwork for my graduationproject where I visualize a world based on the slavic folklore of Baba Yaga.

Zaria is a rich lady from one of the large cities.
Being raised in the rich community, she is very prejudiced against the poor who are being held in the camps and those who escaped from the city. She used to be spoiled, pedantic, and often did not realise the consequences that came with her deeds. She is also a strong character who stands up for herself and holds her own despite the high pressure from the community she came from and the tragedy that happened to her. A tragedy that got her on the other side of the city wall and into the wild. From the moment she becomes a member of the outcasts hiding in the forest herself, her views completely change. Because of her medical experience and her private experiments, she is an expert on toxins, chemicals and unorthodox medicine. This allows her to be able to aid in the adventure that is about to begin.