The Sea Devil

Brenda van vugt seadevil promo
Brenda van vugt screen 3840x2160 2018 07 24 15 44 07

screenshot from unity I used as a base. This was a work in progress shot, the ship was not finished yet.

'it's been too long since we crashed upon this sootblack, fire spewing island. We were the few kept alive to see our beautiful Anglesea turn into the wretched beast they worshipped. Their god has a name no doubt, but for us it became the 'Sea Devil'.'

new promo I made for the ships of battle: age of pirates mobile game :D
tried to add more story elements again. And a grim setting! I hope you like it :)

Together with my colleague Vincent Boer ( )
we came up with a story and basic design of the ship, and then he made it and perfected it in 3d :)
I really liked collaborating like that :)