Brenda van vugt render1big color4b
Brenda van vugt bogdan 1

First thumbnails for the design of Bogdan

Brenda van vugt bogdan 2

A few color variation tests

Brenda van vugt bogdan 3

Exploration of Bogdan's early character design

Made this character artwork for my graduationproject where I visualize a world based on the slavic folklore of Baba Yaga.

Bogdan is a member of a poor community living in the monster-ridden forest. He is a quiet character who prefers to handle things the practical way and though he is seemingly unfriendly and crude at first sight, he actually has a gentle personality. He used to be in one of the camps in the city, but managed to escape. However, he lost his wife and daughter that night, and got shot in the leg, leaving him with a slight handicap. In the beginning he fights with a makeshift spear that he occasionally uses as a cane to rest his leg. Despite of what happened he holds no grudge against the rich community’s people but would rather blame the rulers and treats each person individually.

He uses his bird as a decoy in fights and when hunting.