The Legend of King Arthur - character designs

Brenda van vugt lineup3b

game cover design I made with the character lineup

Brenda van vugt p karthur

All grown up and with a couple of great fights under his belt, King Arthur now stands bold and wise. Azure blue and gold are his traditional colors. Added white for purity, all colors are a bit linked to christian color meanings like the original story.

Brenda van vugt p merlin

As merlin is also a druid, I decided to bring in more nature elements. The colors and owl represent wisdom, but his unkempt appearance also hints at loneliness.

Brenda van vugt p ladyofthelake

She needed to appear magical and flowy as if underwater. She is a supporting character, but there needed to be some doubt regarding her intentions.

Brenda van vugt p mordredw

I visualised Mordred's treacherous character by using lots of black and red, pointy shapes and the wolf pelt and pendragon skull. Also the insidious look on his face.

Brenda van vugt p yarthur

'Eager to fight any injustice for his lands with the oversized sword Durendal, Arthur still has a lot to learn.' I wanted to portray his determination but also naïvety and innocence.

Brenda van vugt p guenevere

'Guinevere has been portrayed as everything from a villainous and opportunistic traitor to a fatally flawed but noble and virtuous lady.' But this Guenevere serves only herself.

Brenda van vugt lineup1b

clean character lineup that was submitted to the contest

These are my fantasy take on the legendary characters for The Legend of King Arthur challenge on artstation.

Their designs are loosely based on their original depictions but as the original story was quite inconsistent I focused on credibility rather than historical accuracy, still making it my own.

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