For as long as I can remember both art and games have been great aspects in my life. I was and am still trying to improve every day. Ever since I left high school, I made working with these interests and ambitions my life goal. I went to the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2012 to study Game Art. During these 4years I have changed a lot. I learned more and more about the industry, got to know tons of wonderful people who share the same dreams and started working on various projects. Despite the many times I was informed that getting a job as an artist or in the game industry in general won't be easy, this would not stop me from pursuing my dreams.. During this time I also worked on my first independent game, Lumini, together with Speelbaars. Lumini is currently available on Steam. I have also worked together with Grotman on their game 'Tribal and Error'. Currently I am working as a 2D artist at Vasco games and am working as a freelancer for various smaller projects and commissions.


Photoshop - Painttool SAI - Maya3D - Unity3D - Premiere Pro - After Effects