For as long as I can remember both art and games have been great aspects in my life. I was and am still trying to improve every day. Ever since I left high school, I made working with these interests and ambitions my life goal. I went to the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2012 to study Game Art. During these 4years I have changed a lot. I learned more and more about the industry, got to know tons of wonderful people who share the same dreams and started working on various projects.

During this time I also worked on my first independent game, Lumini, together with Speelbaars and later with Grotman on their game 'Tribal and Error'. Working with these indie studios has taught me to be very flexible and sparked my imagination. I have also been part of the first stages of Triumph Studios' newest game 'Age of Wonders: Planetfall' as a concept artist and worked as an allround 2D artist at Vasco games. Adding it all up gives me 2 to 3years of working experience in the game industry.

Recently, I started freelancing again and am open for commissions!


Photoshop - Unity3D - Premiere Pro - After Effects - WordPress - Maya3D - Painttool SAI